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WordPress Workshop at New Orleans Healing Center

Websites for Small Business & Non Profits

Today’s workshop is geared to small business owners and non profit staff who want to build a WordPress website on their own, or learn how to maintain the site they already have.

WordPress & Website Resources:

Demo Sites:


Teen Tech Day at Delgado


One of the great things about WordPress is that it can lead you from entry level website creation with no coding skills, all the way to intense PHP programming. Today, we’re going to:

  1. Learn about WordPress & key terms in web design
  2. Create and customize a blog
    • Make a sitemap
    • Add pages and posts
    • Insert links
    • Insert image galleries
    • Use shortcodes and widgets
  3. Use the text editor to write our own HTML
    • Links – <a href=”#”> click me </a>
    • Lists
      • Ordered Lists (numbered) – <ol> </ol>
      • Unordered Lists (bullets) – <ul> </ul>
    • Images <img src=”#”>
    • Headings <h1> </h1>


Demo Site

New Orleans WIT WordPress Bootcamp

Using the right tools, creating your own website is far easier than one would imagine. In this 4-hour course, participants will learn how to build their own website using the free, and easy-to-use WordPress platform. By the end of this workshop they will know how to create posts & pages, build a navigation menu, apply themes, and customize themes. The best part: Attendees will leave the workshop with their own fully functional website. No prior programming experience is required.




Demo Sites:


Click Here to see the slides from our workshop.